We will stop at nothing in pursuit of the truth

The Children’s Intelligence Agency is a secret, hi-tech intelligence agency investigating global mysteries and criminal behaviour around the world

Active in 143 Countries

The Children’s Intelligence Agency has operations around the world. It’s headquarters are based in DO WE LOOK LIKE IDIOTS?

Agents in the field

Investigating adults since 1925


We provide our agents with state of the art spy technology. Here are some examples.


We train our agents to spot fake intelligence, crack impossible codes and become masters of sneaking about.

We’re looking for the sharpest, bravest, most daring people around.

We’re looking for people who wouldn’t get goosebumps if they were a goose People who don’t shiver in the frozen food section of the supermarket. People who laugh in the face of danger and
fart in the mouth of fear.

With your skills and our training, we’ll turn you into a code cracking, computer hacking, baddie whacking machine.

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